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By Louwrens Opperman & Roy Vail

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Growing ferns from spore the easy way.

Keith's Fern Page


Ferns for sale in the USA  (only) Charles Alford Plants  

1645 9th St. S.W.
Vero Beach, FL  32962 USA Contact Charles 


The back ground images were sketched by my farther, Gert Opperman



After having this site for some time and trying to answer all the questions received by e mail I decided to answer the most frequently asked questions on a separate page.

  • How do I mount a stag horn fern?

Here is a site with excellent mounting instructions and images to indicate exactly how. Mounting on boards, trees and in baskets is  discussed in detail.


Another site with good mounting tips



  • I would like to remove / replant the babies / pups. How do I do it?

It is best to only remove and transplant pups that have formed their own fertile fronds. The chances of them surviving on their own are a lot better. I usually use a sharp kitchen knife and cut through the pad of old shield fronds right the backing board, remembering to leave enough of the old shields on the mother plant and also giving the pup a reasonable amount of backing. Remember that the fern's roots are in the old shields and the less original backing the plant has, the less roots it has. The tie is down on the new mounting.




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