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By Louwrens Opperman & Roy Vail

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Cyathea dregei





Growing ferns from spore the easy way.

Keith's Fern Page


Ferns for sale in the USA  (only) Charles Alford Plants  

1645 9th St. S.W.
Vero Beach, FL  32962 USA Contact Charles 


The back ground images were sketched by my farther, Gert Opperman




Other info and links


Here are a few other of my favorite sites with fern related information.

Keith's Fern Page

Platycerium images and mounting tips

Doug Eckel's Fern and Cycad Page

Platycerium images

Art Smith's Tree Fern Page

P. andinum happenings in Peru (still to come)

Roy Vail's Conservation efforts in Peru

Platycerium Growth Forms 

Please notify me of any sites that need to be added here.

Some societies and mailing lists.

Tropical Fern & Exotic Plant Society, Inc.

6880 S. W. 75 Terrace
South Miami, FL 33143
(305) 666-0219
contact:  Reggie Whitehead 


An international mailing list where "fernies" discuss our passion. 

To subscribe, send the command:
SUBSCRIBE FERNET First_Name Last_Name to: Fernet



If there are other deserving and relevant sites, links or societies, please let me know.

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